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Our Mission
Restroom Solutions, Inc. strives to provide the highest quality restroom buildings, composting equipment and restroom accessory products with the finest service and customer service possible. RSI's goal is to identify customer needs and concerns; matching them with product and service solutions. RSI provides products that are a complimentary enhancement to any environment.

Company Profile
Restroom Solutions, (RSI) is a corporation founded (May 07, 1987) and owned by Kevin R. Mart. RSI is committed to providing the finest quality prefabricated and on-site constructed restrooms, composting waste treatment systems, related restroom products and services for the recreation industry whether it be for private, governmental and/or public facilities.

Background Information
Restroom Solutions, Inc., founded in 1987, is the premier supplier of pre-fabricated restroom buildings, and specialists in environmental on-site waste treatment and storage solutions. Restroom Solutions, Inc., since 1987, has provided the finest pre-fabricated, pre-assembled, and pre-engineered modular buildings in precast concrete, or constructed of wood or steel! RSI delivers an economical, aesthetically appealing, maintenance friendly, vandal resistant, ADA compliant- restroom, comfort station, bathhouse, showerhouse, vault toilet, composting toilet, concession, guard, storage, office buildings or other facility. Flush, waterless, vault, composting, waste reduction and evaporation systems are all available from Restroom Solutions, Inc., the premiere supplier of prefabricated restroom building solutions, preengineered park facilities, precast concrete comfort stations, and preassembled modular structures. (pre-fabricated restroom building solutions, pre-engineered park facilities, pre-cast concrete comfort stations, and pre-assembled modular structures).

Over the years we have found at Restroom Solutions, Inc. that our customers have preferred that a professional who knows and understands prefabricated building systems and designs be involved in the decision making process for their project. As early as the budget and design step, RSI can help you with your building issues.

Our customers are concerned about vandalism issues and the ease of maintenance of their public facilities. RSI designs all of our facilities keeping in mind the specific challenges that your site faces. Yet, a balance is struck between the vandal resistance of a facility with the somewhat overwhelming "institutionalization" of an interior to improve patron comfort. Every building is designed and built keeping in mind the needs of the maintenance staff. Flush valves are managed from a separate chase room in our buildings. Walls are protected from the vandal, yet make "wash down" always possible. Stainless steel fixtures are always an option, as well, vandal resistant coatings. These are just a few examples of the things we do to help make your facility easier to care for and improve the longevity of the facility.

The design criteria provided RSI is fused with the available layouts, floor plans, elevations and as well materials. We make products to blend into and enhance any man-made or natural setting to include the forest, desert, rain forest, golf course or island setting. RSI has completed projects at the top of mountains (Glacier National Park), bottom of canyons (Grand Canyon National Park), back-country plains (Yosemite National Park), pristine areas (Aha Khav Tribal Preserve), urban parks (Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department), swamps (Carlton Reserve, Sarasota, FL), golf courses (Golf Club at Wescott Plantation, N. Charleston, SC) and rural parks (Santa Barbara County Parks and Recreation), to name a few. We design to fit into any setting with any exterior finishes and appearances to choose from.

Some sites are environmentally challenged and may require the ecologically advanced technologies available to process or contain human waste on-site. RSI's professionals are complete in their understanding of alternative waste systems that may be appropriate for your facility.

All buildings strictly adhere to the standards of codes and requirements to include the Americans with Disabilities Act design requirements (ADA compliant designs), ASTM, UBC or IBC as they apply, and local codes. Restroom Solutions, Inc.'s layouts, floor plans and equipment adhere to these requirements and are incorporated into every facility designed and manufactured.

RESTROOM SOLUTIONS, INC. provides the finest pre-fabricated and pre-assembled restroom facilities for any restroom requirement. All facilities are designed with your needs in mind to include aesthetics, vandal resistance, maintenance, A.D.A. and other codes, environmental impact, and site specific requirements. Buildings are available in concrete, wood, steel and hybrid facilities. We are problem solvers and help you find your restroom solutions. To see more pictures of buildings, go to THE GALLERY.