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Key Benefits:
Vandal resistant
Aesthetically appealing
Fast construction
Maintenance friendly
Minimal environmental impact
Restroom Solutions, Inc. continues as the leader in the waterless composting toilet business since our founding in 1984. Waterless composting toilet technologies provide “green” environmentally sound, economical solutions for public facilities, residences and cabins. Based on the concept of on-site treatment and separation of human waste, generating a usable fertilizer end product and an odorless, safe vent gas; composting is a great solution for remote areas or where sewer and traditional waste treatment options are unavailable or too costly.

One product we manufacture and market is ComposTech, Restroom Solutions, Inc.’s answer to a public facility composting toilet application where a “below floor”, centralized composting device is desired. The ComposTech product line may incorporate a basement enclosed or “self-contained” direct bury system.

These systems are made of industrial strength, non-combustible stainless steel and are designed based on your specific usage and needs.

Restroom Solutions, Inc. also is an industry supplier of public facility grade composting systems that are based on a concrete vault system that range from light monthly maintenance to zero maintenance for 10-15 years.

Restroom Solutions, Inc. is also active helping private clients select and purchase the appropriate “above floor” or “below floor” residential or vacation home composting toilet system.

Take a look at some of our previously installed Composting Facilities below!